My Fishing Journal – PC Backup/Restore

Backing up and restoring your data is a relatively simple process.  The app stores all its data on the SD card under the folder /fishwidget.

Backup steps:

1) Plug your device into a USB cable connected to your computer.

2) Enable USB mass storage mode for your device.

3) Open up “My Computer” or Explorer and browse to the drive that Windows assigns to your device.

4) Copy the folder /fishwidget to your PC.

That’s it!  You have now backed up all your data and pictures.

The process is the same for restoring your data except for step 4.  For step 4, simply copy the /fishwidget folder back to the SD card on your device.

If you are setting up with a new device, make a backup of your data to your PC, then copy the /fishwidget folder to the SD card on your new device.  All you need to do then is make sure the app is downloaded and installed from the Market.

One thought on “My Fishing Journal – PC Backup/Restore

  1. To the Designer of the “My Fishing Journal” Android Application;

    I found this application to be fast and simple to use when compared to other similar applications. Would like to see an option to log an event with similar features as the Fishin’ Buddy application. Additionally, would like to have the ability to export data stored in events and livewell to a comma separated field type format for spreadsheet/database use. These additions would appeal to the tournament angler market.

    Please feel free to email if you wish to pursue and would like additional input on important fields to include on the event side for the tournament angler.


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