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Mind Games: Mind Games is popular brain training app that is currently available on Android, Apple iOS, and Windows.

Mind Games includes all 32 of Mindware’s brain exercising games. All games include

your score history and graph of your progress. The main app shows a summary of your best games and today’s scores on all games. Using some principles of standardized testing, your scores are also converted to a standardized scale so that you can see where you need work and excel.

Featured on Scientific American and the LA Times.

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Minesweeper – Mine Games (Android or iOS)- Based on the classic game, Minesweeper is a fun and challenging game that many people love. This great version of the game has several appearance options and an innovative scoring system that takes into account the difficulty level of each game.


Cover artNight Owl – Sleep Coach: This app is self-help program for insomnia based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I).  The app is an innovative step-by-step program for insomnia developed by psychologists.  The app is available for Android and Apple iOS.