Mine Sweeper (Multi-Themed) Android Game

Not just the boring gray theme here, with this app, you have a variety of color schemes to choose from.  Mine Sweeper (Multi-Themed) is based on the old PC game Minesweeper.  It’s great game for a short diversion.  Board sizes are changeable, and vary based on the device used to play the game.  The game has 3 levels of difficulty for the free version, and 4 for the Plus version.<!–more–>

The goal of the game is to “mark” or flag all of the mines on the board.  This is done through a deductive process by looking at the numbers that are revealed.  Numbers that are revealed let you know how many mines are touching the square that has the number in it.
















The Plus version is a paid version that includes 3 brand new themes, an expert level including 100 mines, and is ad-free.

Plus Version Screen shots:








Google Market
Mine Sweeper Free (Multi-Themed)
Mine Sweeper Plus (Multi-Themed)

Amazon App Store
Mine Sweeper Free (Multi-Themed)

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