Mind Games – Privacy Policy

We Value Your Privacy

If you set up an account with us, we collect your email address, password, year of birth, and scoring data from the games you play. This information is collected primarily to retain your data in case you login with a new or different device. Additionally, scoring data may be used for research purposes. In the case of research use, your personally identifiable information (your email address) will be removed from the data so that you could not be personally identified by the researchers. If you are participating in a University-based study and the researcher needs identification data, you need to opt-in to the study and will be provided notification on data release. On occasion, we may send emails to you to inform you of product updates or other offerings. We will not share your email address with any third parties apart from the specific research instance noted above.

Windows Phone and iOS Users

We use advertising in the trial versions from Leadbolt, please see the Leadbolt privacy policy for additional information.